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Regenerative Medicine Specialists located in the Greater Nashville, TN Area, Cookeville, TN & Hendersonville, TN

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Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee, offers a unique approach for patients struggling with chronic pain. The team, led by Brandon Tolman, DO, uses regenerative medicine to encourage healing and provide lasting pain relief. The staff delivers ongoing support and care at five locations in Nashville, TN & the surrounding areas.

Regenerative medicine can help relieve chronic pain and repair stubborn injuries. As Tennessee's leading regenerative medicine practice, Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine strives to help patients rebuild their bodies and meet their pain-relief goals. Dr. Tolman and his team have performed hundreds of regenerative medicine procedures, and they have the experience patients need to achieve exceptional results. 

Dr. Tolman and his team strive to help each patient identify the source of their pain and explore cutting-edge solutions. Over time, many tissues in the body become damaged due to injuries, accidents, or wear-and-tear. But regenerative medicine encourages complete and effective healing. The components used during each procedure work with the body's natural healing processes. 

Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine offers a wide range of procedures, including Discseel®, Botox®, AcCellerated Biologics (PRP), Lipogems (adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells), and RHEO (Amniotic/Placental derived mesenchymal stem cells). Dr. Tolman is the only thoracic Discseel physician in the United States, so patients often come to Integrity Center for Regenerative Medicine from out-of-state, seeking Dr. Tolman's guidance and expertise. 

The team at Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine takes pride in offering state-of-the-art treatments for chronic pain. Dr. Tolman and his staff work tirelessly to develop customized care plans that help patients enjoy a more active lifestyle. To learn more about the benefits of regenerative medicine, call the office today or schedule a consultation online.

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Words from our patients

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    I have been a patient here since the beginning. Excellent care and fantastic attitude.

    R. Enay
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    Dr. Tolman and his staff were extremely compassionate and thorough. When it came time for my procedure I knew exactly what to expect. I would recommend him!

    Bernice K.
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    The relief I am feeling at this moment is almost unbelievable. I am extremely happy and am praying this feeling last a while. Staff is wonderful! Kind and friendly!

    April B.
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    I’m two months out from my Discseel procedure and feel so much better already. I had leg nerve pain and the very next day after the procedure the pain was gone.

    Debbie L.
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