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PRP Injection


Regenerative Medicine Specialists located in the Greater Nashville, TN Area, Cookeville, TN & Hendersonville, TN

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are an innovative regenerative medicine treatment that uses your own blood to boost your body’s healing process. Brandon Tolman, DO, and the team at Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine provide PRP injections at their main office in Hermitage, Tennessee, as well as other conveniently located offices in the surrounding areas. Call Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine or schedule a consultation online today to find out how PRP injections can help you.

PRP Injection Q & A

What is a PRP injection?

Your blood consists of plasma — the liquid part — and several solid components, including platelets and red and white blood cells. Your platelets help with blood clotting and also contain growth factors and other proteins that your body needs to repair itself and generate new cells. 

PRP injections use a concentrated serum of plasma and platelets made from your own blood to flood injured tissue with the nutrients it uses to repair itself. When your doctor injects the PRP serum into your body, the treatments stimulates and accelerates your body’s ability to heal. 


What conditions might improve with PRP injections?

Regenerative medicine, including PRP injections, is an emerging medical specialty area, and medical researchers identify new uses for PRP all the time. Some of the conditions that might improve with PRP injections include:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendon injuries
  • Tendinitis
  • Ligament strains and sprains
  • Muscle strains and tears
  • Degenerative disk disease 

You might also have PRP injections after surgery to boost your recovery. 


What happens during a PRP injection?

Your provider at Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine begins by drawing a sample of your blood. They separate your blood in a centrifuge to create your PRP serum. When complete, PRP serum usually has 5-10 times more platelets than a typical blood sample. 

Then, your physician prepares you for your injection. They often provide a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Your doctor uses fluoroscopy, a special type of X-ray, or ultrasound guidance, to guide the needle to the correct part of your body and injects the serum into your damaged tissue. 

You can go home soon after your PRP treatment is complete and shouldn’t need any time off to recover. While PRP stimulates your body’s healing response, your body still needs some time to repair itself. You should start to notice the effects within a couple of weeks. Depending on your condition, you might need several PRP injections to get the best results. 


How do I know if PRP is right for me?

The doctors at Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine provide thorough exams and consultations to assess your condition and determine the best treatment to relieve your pain and support your recovery. 

Call Integrity Center For Regenerative Medicine or make an appointment online today to find out how PRP injections can help you recover from painful conditions and restore your quality of life.